Success Story

Brad Wooldridge - Grower

Brad Wooldridge - Precision agriculture - Farm software Australia -DecipherAg


  • For use on mixed crop and livestock


  • Use of biomass imagery
  • Locate areas to soil sample
  • Compare crop performance over a variety of seasons or improvement due to management changes

Quick Info

Arthur River and Kalgan, Western Australia

We started using Decipher when it was a demo product – we like many of the features and have been very impressed with the progress that the product has made. We purchased a property using remote sensing and Decipher was one of the platforms we used in our due diligence, including locating areas to soil sample.

The stretch capacity for NDVI that allows saturated high biomass to be separated to show spatial differences in the spring is fantastic, and the low end NDVI separation capacity as it can identify areas such as summer weeds. The drop point and tracking over seasons allows a close up look at a pixel over time to compare that area’s performance over a variety of seasons or it’s improvement due to management changes.

I recommend Decipher to most people as it is easy to navigate and use, some explaining features and then it self sells.