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Jack England - Grower

Jack England - Precision agriculture - Farm software Australia - DecipherAg


  • For use on mixed crop and livestock
  • Track various management trials/nutrient applications across some grid based soil sampling zones


  • Use of biomass imagery
  • Assess performance and response to applications
  • Compare previous seasonal breaks and responses in early winter provides confidence on how much stock to carry. Peak winter time stocking rate is one of their key profit drivers – other platforms do not have this graphical function inbuilt in the software

Quick Info

5th generational farmer
Keilira, South Australia

One of the biggest challenges we face is matching seasonal pasture growth with livestock numbers to ensure utilisation. We have been using Decipher to assess post seasonal plant “state of health” comparisons, which allows me to compare previous stocking rates across a number of seasons. Decipher has also allowed me to assess if there’s been a response to applications such as gypsum, lime, nitrogen, gibberellic acid, or pasture species.