Success Story

Lachlan Brown - Grower

Kelly Lodge-Calvert - Decipher - Farm management app - Farm software Australia - Precision agriculture software - DecipherAg


  • For use on broadacre and livestock
  • Bring precision agriculture (PA) into their farming operations to improve decision making


  • Ability to visualize current and historical farm data
  • Replace spreadsheets and documents
  • Tracking performance and trends with deep ripping and nitrogen trials
  • Use of biomass imagery

Quick Info

Western Australia
DecipherAg, DecipherAg Mobile app

Decipher has made the step for us to adopt precision agriculture into our farming operations, an easy one. It lets us see our farm through a different lens and visualize our current and historical farm data that would otherwise be lost in spreadsheets and documents. We’ve been running Deep Ripping and Nitrogen trials and we’ve been able to easily track it’s performance and identify trends using the biomass imagery. The insights that it provides around biomass imagery and the sample data combined with our crop plans, has really helped us to make informed decisions on applications.