Success Story

Luke Wilkins - Agronomist

Luke Wilkins - Agronomist - Precision Agriculture - Decipher


  • Easy-to-use and inexpensive
  • Assist clients regardless of where they are on the PA and nutrition journey
  • Assist in making informed, data driven decisions


  • Easy to upload and import data whether that be importing farm maps from Agworld, or inputting and recalling soil tests and yield data
  • Decipher’s NDVI imagery allows for the monitoring of paddocks and a more targeted approach by chasing anomalies in the image, and selecting representative sample sites to target good and poor performing areas

Quick Info

Bawdens Rural Trading
South Australia
DecipherAg, DecipherGO

Decipher will now allow our clients to explore PA in an uncomplicated manner and for a really reasonable price. We can work side by side with our growers who are interested and ready to explore PA, and start to help them adopt and implement it into their operations. For those clients who aren’t quite ready yet, they can sign-up for free and start to put some of their data in the one place so that when they are ready to take the next step, it’ll be a much easier and a much less daunting job.

We’ve tried other tools, some which offered free and paid NDVI imagery, however the cloud interference would often compromise the information we could gather about paddock health. Decipher’s NDVI imagery is game changing – the imagery that is available for free is much better than some of its competitors paid imagery, and its cloud masking function allows you to easily manipulate the cloud interference.

It’s free and easy to jump on and have a go. It’s a great imagery platform with the ability to store and overlay your clients data, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Decipher is taking farming to the next level and has enabled us to join in and become PA experts.