Success Story

Scott Bartlett, Agpro Consulting - Agronomist

Scott Bartlett - Agronomist - Precision Agriculture - Decipher


  • Assisting his clients on the PA journey – attempted to find a platform that is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Helping their clients solve and address variability
  • Targeted in-field scouting and crop monitoring using DecipherGO
  • Pest management tool


Quick Info

Agpro Consulting
New South Wales
DecipherAg, DecipherGO

As a consultant who already uses multiple data sets across multiple software programs, the prospect of moving these onto one platform, and having the NDVI imagery, soil testing and analysis and yield mapping all in one place – in a truly end to end product – is exciting. Add to this the simple layout and user friendly interface which makes it simple to share a client’s farm data with them, and you’ve got a winner.