Success Story

Tony Kelly, Advanced Ag - Agronomist

Tony Kelly - Agronomist - Precision Agriculture - Decipher


  • Developing crop plans
  • Assisting customers with technology
  • Relating information to customers’ programs
  • Supporting clients at different levels (top end to basic)
  • Identify variability in the paddock
  • Cost savings on rate application


Quick Info

Advanced Ag
Victoria, Australia
DecipherAg, DecipherAg Mobile app

I’ve only been using Decipher for a short period – about three or four months. I think it’s been valuable in that we can identify variability within the paddock and take back the actual result to our clients. One client we identified high phosphorus levels and over his program we’ve been able to save him $30,000 by identifying that we can cut back phosphorus rates which was backed up by soil tests in Decipher.