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Trevor Stedman - Grower

Trevor Stedman - Precision agriculture - Farm software Australia - DecipherAg


  • Identify and address variability
  • Variable rate technology


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Caniambo, Victoria

We’re managing the potential of another dry spring again using Decipher, with their NDVI imagery controlling and being careful about how much urea we’re putting on and we’re doing it using the zones feature. This season we’ve done one blanket treatment with 100kgs of urea and then we’ve gone back with a varied rate based off the zones in Decipher. Those rates varied everywhere from 50 to 120kgs per hectare and we generally found that they end up at around 65 to 75kgs per hecatre as an average, versus just going back in with another 100kg rate so you do the maths on that across 3,000 hectares.¬†Decipher is probably one of the easiest platforms to use and get that information off and into a tractor to go spreading.