Success Story

Zachary East, Driscoll Ag - Agronomist

Zachary East - Agronomist - Precision Agriculture - Decipher


  • Wanted to get meaningful, in-depth farm data for his broadacre clients
  • His clients grow cereals, legumes and pulses around Bendigo, VIC – majority of them have used agricultural tech (agtech) in one form or another, however Decipher’s ability to layer imagery with yield, and sample data on the one platform was a feature that prompted him to add it into his client offering


Quick Info

Victoria, Australia
DecipherAg, DecipherAg Mobile app

It’s really exciting to be able to bring even more accurate and powerful data into our farming analysis. With Decipher, we can layer specific paddock NDVI* imagery with yield maps, which means we can get exactly the information we need to make proper decisions for soil health programs.

As an added bonus, there’s no need to copy copious amounts of data from the farm planning software we’ve been using for a number of years. Previous farm maps and soil testing locations can be dragged straight into Decipher, so we are adding a tool into our nutrient management program that builds on information already gathered, and gives us unprecedented insights into farm health.