Decipher empowers you with data and knowledge to effectively monitor your tailings storage facility

Mining has been a significant contributor to the economy, and consequently, tailings storage facilities (TSFs) have been in existence for many years across most parts of the globe. Estimates put ~3,500 facilities representing approximately 1 million hectares of land directly covered over by these facilities. Failures of TSFs constitute a massive risk for industry, for regulators, for facility designers and lastly, for operators; monitoring of these facilities has always been but is now even more critical for corporate responsibility.

Decipher is designed to provide you with the key data and insights around monitoring your TSF. It is designed to be securely accessed by industry, regulators, designers and operators involved in the management of TSFs. Decipher manages industry stakeholder engagement, it manages operator reporting, it manages operator and regulator compliance requirements and allows operators to create / manage actionable insights which not only positively impact sustainability and social license to operate, but also assist with the operator’s bottom line through efficiency and efficacy of spend.

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Decipher - Tailings Storage Facility (TSF)

Regtech and monitoring tech in one integrated package

Decipher seamlessly integrates functionality and data across regulation technology (RegTech) and monitoring technology into one central platform to allow our customers to focus on compliance, best practice and integrated monitoring information. A single source of truth! The intersection of these key technologies enables centralised, integrated and efficient decision making.

Church of England/ Investor Mining and Tailings

Decipher’s lightweight Tailings Storage Facilities platform provides the necessary data for the questions being asked of your company.

  • Working with COE to facilitate automatic updates to their database based on changes in yours, with approvals
  • Configure any type of attribute data against mine features such as water storage and tailings
  • Cluster data into key areas such as safety, risk, compliance, construction, design, roles and responsibilities
  • Meet requests for data provision from industry groups such as COE, ICMM, UNEP, PRI, Global Tailings Review and more
  • Upload and reference key documentation
  • Spatial visualisation to display tailings dams in proximity to surrounding environment and communities
  • Action and task delegatation for data collection with reminder and escalation notifications
  • Register of all actions and their respective statuses to monitor progress across the board
  • View dam data across multiple sites in a single screen with the ability to easily export for reporting
  • Control who can access and edit data including flagging highly sensitive records for select users only
  • Integration capability with third party systems or public portals
  • Audit trail on tailings attribute data and actions
  • Configurable fields
  • Support and service level agreements
  • Secure, hassle free hosting by Decipher using Azure with regular cybersecurity testing

The Decipher platform is backed by a wealth of experience around:

  • Environmental performance visualisation and analysis
  • Monitoring with improved efficiency and cost savings
  • Toolsets to better track and compliance management / reporting

With Decipher’s monitoring and assessment tools, qualitative assessments of your facility’s performance can now be easily showcased to regulatory authorities, removing subjectivity and lack of visibility. Standards (e.g. ISO or other site specific limits) allow exceedances alerts to be triggered and reported; actions are created to ensure they are investigated, mitigated and closed out.

Typical monitoring data includes (but is not limited to):

  • TSF Spatial information – InSAR, LiDAR, DEM and more
  • Piezometric levels within the embankment
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Water quality (handheld or lab tested)
  • Decant pond water levels
  • Decant pond water quality
  • Embankment condition
  • Inspections and resultant actions

Plan your site activities with IBM’s Weather Channel data streamed directly into Decipher. Use global scale forecast to plan, track and understand your monitoring results.

Beautiful earth observation data and analysis tools

Award winning

Decipher’s award winning satellite imagery tools are architected over Google Earth Engine and are designed to assist users with visualising performance via indices such as Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Normalised Difference Red Edge (NDRE), Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) and other key indices.

  • Imagery sourced from multiple satellites on demand
  • Imagery sourced from Sentinel & Landsat out of the box
  • Sub-meter resolution can be easily added to your solution at the click of a button from a variety of suppliers
  • Display satellite indices globally, within a selected project or within an area or specific environmental domain
  • Cloud cover percentage insights with an adjustable cloud masking tool
  • Export imagery and key derived graphs for external use and reporting requirements

3D visualisation

Augment your satellite imagery with regular or ad hoc drone imagery and 3D LiDAR datasets to gain further insights to your tailings facilities. Native PointCloud 3D rendering within the Decipher browser allows for unprecedented visualisations and insights. Decipher can assist with applying custom algorithms across these surfaces to track and map key issues such as erosion gullies, seepage extents and more.

Track, Manage and Report on Stakeholder interactions

The easy-to-use, intuitive tool helps you understand, manage and engage with all your stakeholders in one central repository. Designed to reduce disruption to your day-to-day tasks.

  • Convert your engagements into actionable outcomes to make sure they are tracked to completion
  • Automated reporting (configured to your requirements) – scheduled or on demand
  • Stakeholders visible on  a map
  • View all interactions for a stakeholder in one central location
  • Helps to carefully articulate the roles of investors, companies and other stakeholders  in reducing the safety risks associated with your TSF
  • Record data no matter where you are
  • Automatically send out eUpdates (e.g. Complaint Notification Responses)

Understand your constraints and manage your obligations

Decipher has designed a simple, structured and flexible way for users to capture, track and store obligations and conditions around your license to operate.

  • Manage your key risks, track your actions in relation to managing these risks
  • Understanding the business constraints
  • Load your historical data

Decipher is hosted in the cloud with flexible plans for all requirements

Decipher is a revolutionary tool that offers a unique service backed by regulatory technology, consisting of satellite derived earth observation data, a central repository for historic data, reporting suite and corresponding environmental evaluation. Therefore allowing us to provide our TSF monitoring clients with data driven information to successfully monitor their sites in a more targeted and accelerated way. 

Supported by mobile

Cloud technology

Plans to suit

Award winning imagery