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“Intuitive and user friendly”

The great thing for consultants is that the whole platform (from app to desktop) is so intuitive and user friendly that demonstrating the benefits for clients becomes very straightforward.

“I can now see where lime and some nutrients are needed”

Hit a new low pH record in a soil test, and it is from one spot on Caluka Farms – the new farm I manage. 3.1 in CaC12. Previous lowest was 3.4. Lime, lime and lime coming over that area in the coming week, months and years… I’ve taken enough samples and combined with biomass images over the past three years through Decipher, I can see where lime and some nutrients are needed the most, a little bit, and not at all.

“Unprecedented insights”

There’s no need to copy copious amounts of data from the farm planning software we’ve been using for a number of years. Previous farm maps and soil testing locations can be dragged straight into Decipher, so we are adding a tool into our nutrient management program that builds on information already gathered, and gives us unprecedented insights into farm health

“Precision agriculture”

Decipher has made the step for us to adopt precision agriculture into our farming operations, an easy one. It lets us see our farm through a different lens and visualize our current and historical farm data that would otherwise be lost in spreadsheets and documents.

“One simple platform”

You go and crunch all the numbers behind the scenes, and then come back to your clients and present the results on one clear, simple platform

“Highly accurate”

We can overlap NDVI imagery with clients’ farm and yield mapping in Decipher, and use that combined data to determine highly accurate testing zones and carry out our soil testing and analysis

“Easily track performance”

We’ve been running Deep Ripping and Nitrogen trials and we’ve been able to easily track it’s performance and identify trends using the biomass imagery.

“Easily identify deficiencies”

We’ve been using Decipher for a few months now – it allows us to visualise our data, and easily identify deficiencies. We have used a similar planing tool but didn’t offer as much as Decipher, I think it’s better than any of its competitors.

“Really exciting”

It’s really exciting to be able to bring even more accurate and powerful data into our farming analysis


The ability to get a comprehensive picture of soil and plant nutrition – be it low or high – will be priceless. The great thing is that you can bring all the soil tests up at once and see and compare nutrient deficiencies, and locate them with pinpoint accuracy

“Informed decisions”

The insights that it provides around biomass imagery and the sample data combined with our crop plans, has really helped us to make informed decisions on applications.

“Very responsive to requests”

The daily imagery is a brilliant feature. It’s a new product but they have been adding features regularly. Very responsive to requests.

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