Make your data work for you

Say goodbye to papers and spreadsheets and get organised with Decipher. Whether you’re starting with a little or a lot of nutrition data, with everything in one place Decipher will help you decode complex agricultural information into simple answers that you can easily put into action on your farm.

  • Overlay your own data and sampling results onto the Decipher map
  • Draw or import your own farm boundaries to see the most relevant data for you
  • Navigate with a familiar Google Maps base
  • Add your own notes, pins and boundary lines to your map
  • Easily manage data files from multiple sources
  • Share and collaborate on your data across your business and beyond
  • Supports KML, KMZ and Shape files
  • Up to 1GB data storage

Nutritional insights from the ground up.

Decipher’s seamless soil sampling process takes you all the way from planning through to results with a connected and easy-to-use system, including our free app DecipherGO.

  • Identify areas of interest and georeference sample points to easily track trends at the same location each season
  • Plan sampling jobs and assign them for collection with DecipherGO
  • Send samples and receive results through one program, with our partner CSBP labs
  • Submit jobs to our partner lab, CSBP Soil and Plant Analysis Lab, and see your results plotted on the Decipher map
  • Have your own sample data? Just import to Decipher with our easy-to-use data upload tool

We do imagery differently.

Get the most out of every paddock with Decipher’s NDVI satellite imagery. It’s been optimised with merged images from multiple satellites so you can easily understand where your high and low performing crop areas are. Armed with this information you’ll be able to make informed decisions when it comes to nutrition.

  • Compare performances across months, seasons and years with easy-to-read charting
  • Spot trends and changes month-on-month
  • Merged imagery from multiple satellites for greater deail
  • See imagery clipped to your own paddock boundaries
  • Up to 10m HD Sentinel imagery per pixel
  • View historical imagery for up to the last six years
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Farming is changing

Decipher’s here to help you stay productive and help you start building technology into your farming practices. With farm insights as they happen and in-depth sample analysis, you can stop spending money on nutrition application in areas you don’t need to and watch your business’ value grow.

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And there’s more still to come...

Decipher is growing all the time, with plenty more still to come. We'd love to hear what you think so our developers can make our set of tools even more useful for you.

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