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Decipher is new, but it’s certainly not green. The development of this powerful agtech service has been backed by 100 years of CSBP’s unrivalled agricultural knowledge and expertise, which means you’re in good hands.

CSBP, part of the Wesfarmers Group, has been a pioneering force in Australian agriculture since way back in the 1910s, with a specific focus on nutrition and grower profitability for over 50 years. Over this time the business has provided and led soil and plant testing services, nutrition field trials and decision support tools to growers in Western Australia.

It’s from this expert knowledge and experience that Decipher was born: a dynamic nutrition data management and imagery processing tool that generates insights that help growers and agronomists grow their value.

Australian Made

Award-winning biomass imagery

You can now see your land in a whole new light with our award-winning spatial mapping tool. Developed in collaboration with NGIS, we’ve wrapped up our popular product GreenPrecision into the all-new Decipher. Our satellite imagery and cutting edge imagery processing comes from Google Earth Engine, which lets you analyse a huge archive of plant data across a global map in seconds. Check out the Decipher experience for free.

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Excellence in Innovation and Commercialisation

Excellence in Innovation and Commercialisation

WA Spatial Excellence Award, November 2016

Excellence in Innovation and Commercialisation

International Spatial Excellence Award, April 2017

Most Disruptive Technology Finalist

WA Information Technology Telecommunications Alliance Award, March 2017

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Say hello to the names and faces behind Decipher

Wayne Hiller
Wayne Hiller Business Manager
Rodney East
Rodney East Technical Sales Manager
Peter Brick
Peter Brick Technical Sales Specialist
Paul Wetherall
Paul Wetherall Technical Sales Specialist
Frank D’Emden
Frank D’Emden Technical Product Manager
Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart Technical Development Manager
Martin Montgomery
Martin Montgomery Lead Application Developer
Imran Shafique
Imran Shafique Application Developer
Paul Merenda
Paul Merenda Application Developer
Suzanne Malone
Suzanne Malone Marketing Manager
Kelly Lodge-Calvert
Kelly Lodge-Calvert Content Planner
Kristian Raston
Kristian Raston Marketing Officer